Sell My KC House
trusts-wills-estates-lawSettling an estate can be a very emotionally sensitive period. We understand you may be facing some serious decisions with which we might be able to assist you. Often times real estate property must be sold in order pay taxes, pay any outstanding liabilities and to pay the legitimate heirs. We buy houses and other personal property found in estates. If you have an estate with property for sale we would be interested in making an offer.
While we may be unaware of your particular situation, we will always do what is best for you and the heirs of the estate. Some of the advantages we may be able to offer are:
  1. We buy houses and other property in its “As Is” condition.
  2. You needn’t do any fix up or clean up.
  3. We are able to pay all cash
  4. We can close the sale very quickly.
This will save the estate time and extra estate/sale fees. Another fee you can save is the 6% that will be charged by most real estate agents. If the property is in probate, please note that you do not have to wait until probate is completed to sell the property. The Personal Representative of the estate, has authority by the courts  to act in behalf of the estate, cash out the asset and proceed to final distribution.
If you decide to sell the property, there is no reason to complicate the process, run up extra attorney and miscellaneous fees and pay a 6% real estate commission. If you wish to discuss this further, we can be reached at (816)343-4298


Sell My KC House